Decor Rentals


Lots of inventory in our rental catalogs - backdrops, table linens, table skirts, table runners, chair covers, charger plates, cake stands, cake table decor, coordinating themed tableware and other decoration items.

Styling Services also available for all your custom party needs.  


We offer door to door delivery services for all our orders! Contact us for custom quote for out of town deliveries. 

Table Linen

Table Cloths Round

90' & 120" Rounds -Polyester - White, Ivory, Pink, Purple, Navy blue

Satin - Silver 

Pricing: $15 Each  

Polyester Table Cloths

90" by 132" or 156" Pink, Ivory, White, Black, Royal Blue, Fuchsia Pink, Light Blue, Lavender, Navy Blue,  Red Pricing: $15 Each 

Spandex Table Cloths

90" by 156" - Black, Ivory and White

Pricing: $25 Each 

Satin & Taffeta Table Cloths

90" by 132" or 156" Satin- Purple, Blush Pink, Apple Green, Silver : $25 Each 

Taffeta- Yellow: $25 Each 

Table Runners

Satin- Red, Purple, Black, Apple Green, Blue, light blue, Orange, Brown: $3 Each 

Organza - Gold, Pink: $3 Each

Specialty Table Runners

Burlap, White Lace & Pearl: $5 Each  

Taffeta- Yellow, Pink, Silver: $5 Each 

Pintuck- Fuchsia Pink: $5 Each 

Rhinestone Mesh Roll - Gold, Silver: $5 

Sequin - Gold, Silver: $7 Each 

Damask- Black, Silver, Pink: $7 Each 

Zebra Animal Print: $7 Each

Specialty Table Cloth


 Sequin - Gold, Silver: $40 Each 


Rosette- White, Ivory, Silver: $35 Each 

Pintuck & Pinwheel

Pintuck- Fuchsia Pink: $25 Each 

Pinwheel- Lavender: $25 Each 

Tutu Table Skirt

17' by 30' 

Pink Tutu: $45 Each 

Lamor Table Skirt

17' by 30' 

White Lamor : $50 Each 

Pleats & Curly Willow Table Skirt

 17' by 30' 

Gold Curly Willow : $50 Each 

White, Red, Black Pleats : $25 Each 

Table Decor Accessories

Charger Plates

Charger  plates  available in  Glass, Gold (No Border),  silver (No Border) & Red Beaded.   Pricing: $1 Each 


12" Square: $2 Each 

8" Square: $2 Each 


Napkins   available in  White, Pink, Black,  Navy Blue, Red, Silver, Purple  Pricing: $1 Each 

Table Number & Stand

Stands- Silver - 15" $2 Each

Gold frame: $2 Each 

Numbers : $1 Each 

Napkin Rings

Lacquer Napkins Rings - Gold, Rhinestone  Mesh clips - Silver.

Pricing: $0.5 Each


30" High Square Plywood Table -$10

6' By 30" Plastic Folding Table-$10 

4' By 30" Plastic Table-$10

34' By 34' Square Folding Table-$10 

Chair Decor

Spandex Standard Chair

Folding and Banquet spandex chair covers -White, Ivory, Black, Pink, Fuchsia, Red, Royal blue, Purple, Yellow and Apple green.

Pricing: $2.5 Each

Chivari Cover

Chivari willow chair covers- Blush Pink & Blue  Pricing: $5 Each


Folding  Chair - Black

Pricing: $2.5 Each

Chair Accessories

Diamond Velcro Cuff Pricing: $.50 Each

Chair Sash

Satin/Organza Chair Sash  - Burlap, Black, Burgundy, Turquoise 

Pricing: $1 Each

Spandex Chair Sash

Spandex chair sash - Metallic Gold, Pink, Metallic Silver , Purple, Red, Royal Blue, 

Pricing: $1 Each

Cake Stand

Gold 18" Cake Stand

18 " Round Gold Sparkle: $45 Each  

Silver 12" Cake Stand

12 " Round Silver Sparkle: $20 Each  

White 14" and 8" Cake Stand

14" Round White: $10 Each  

8" Round White: $5 Each  

Glass 14" and 8" Cake Stand

16" Round Glass: $15 Each 

14" Round Glass: $10 Each  

8" Round Glass: $5 Each  

Wooden Cake Stand

14" Round Wood: $20 Each  

10" Round Wood: $15 Each  

Small Gold Cake Stand

6" Round Gold: $15 Each

Cupcake Stands

Gold Sparkle Cupcake Stand

Small  2-Tier Stand: $10 Each 

Medium  2-Tier Stand: $15 Each 

Large  2-Tier Stand: $30 Each 

Silver Sparkle Cupcake Stand

Small  2-Tier Stand: $10 Each 

Medium  2-Tier Stand: $15 Each 

White Cupcake Stand

Medium  2-Tier Stand: $15 Each 

Small Gold Macaroon Stand

Mini Gold 2-Tier Stand: $10 Each 

Silver Stand

Mini Silver Stand: $5 Each 

White Cake Stand - Rustic

2 Tier Cupcake stand: $15 Each  

Small/Medium Vases

Cylinder Vase

8" Bud Vase: $1 Each 

3" by 9" Round Glass: $3 Each 

6" by 25" Round Glass: $20 Each 

Rectangular Vase

Different sizes: $3 Each 

Mercury Vases

Gold Vases, Different sizes: $5 Each 

Milk Vase

Milk Vase : $3 Each 

Rose Bowl

3" Bowl: $2 Each 

6" Bowl : $3 Each 

Mason Jars

Mason Jars. Different sizes: $2-$3 Each 

Large Vase

Pilsner Vase

21" Bud Vase: $10 Each 

24" Round Glass: $12 Each 

Eiffel Tower Vase

21" Bud Vase: $5 Each 

24" Round Glass: $7 Each 

Assorted Bottles

Different Sizes: $5 Each 

Colored Vases

 Different colors, clear, red, purple: $5 Each 

Stem Dome Vase

Stem dome vase - Different sizes : $10 Each 

Dome Vase: $10 Each 

Apothecary Vase

Apothecary Tall: $10 Each 

Apothecary Medium: $7 Each 

Apothecary Small: $5 Each  

Lanterns & Birdcages

Gold Lanterns

Large Gold Lantern: $20 

Medium Gold Lantern: $15 

Black Lanterns

Small Black Lantern: $10

Medium Black Lantern: $10

White Lanterns

Small White/Black Lantern: $5

Medium White/Black Lantern: $10

Medium Gold Lantern: $15

Purple Lantern

Purple Lantern: $10

White Bird Cage

 White Medium Birdcage: $15 

Ivory/White Bird Cage

White/Ivory Medium Birdcage: $15 

Candle Holders


Silver Candlestick: $15 

Gold Candlestick:: $15 

White/Gold  Candlestick:: $15 

Stemmed Candle Holder

Silver Medium Sparkle Holder: $7 

Glass Medium Holder: $7 

Glass Tall Holder: $10

Silver Extra Large Sparkle Holder: $20

Flameless Candle

Flameless Candle 3 Pack: $10


Pricing:  $1 Each 

Silver Mercury, Gold/Aqua, Clear Mini Rose Bowl Silver, Clear Cylinder glass, 

Red, Purple & Gold

Candle Holder

Silver Medium Sparkle Holder: $10


Floral Ball

12' White Ball: $20 Each  

9'  Ball available in White, Ivory, Pink , Pink and White Ball, Blue Ball & Grass: $10 Each 

7' Ball available in White, Pink, Red, Fuchsia, Grass, Multicolored- Fuchsia & Yellow Ball: $5 Each  

Flower Stem

Pink Roses: $2 Each  

White Orchids: $2 Each

Pink Sakura: $2 Each  

White, Blue, Purple Hydrangea: $2 Each  Green Peony: $2 Each    

Peach & White medium bouquet: $10 Pink, Fuchsia & Yellow bouquet: $10 

Plants & Tree

Different plants and sizes. Prices varies. contact us for details

Silk Floral

Red Roses: $5 Each  

White Orchids: $5 Each

Pink Roses: $5 Each  

White Roses Blue: $5 Each  

Floral Garland

Spring white Garland - $10 Each

Fall Ivory Garland -  $10 Each

Butterfly -  $2 Each

Buxus Garland -  $2 Each



Silver, White and Gold Available: $10 Each 

One & Two

Silver, White and Gold Available: $15 Each 

Mr & Mrs

Silver, White and Gold Available: $15 Each 

Cinema style light box

Light box :$15

Tea Set Rental

We offer different selections of Vintage China, Silver and Porcelain Tea Sets. 

Tea party rentals includes a cup, saucer, lunch or dinner plate per guest. Teapot, tiered platter or cake plate, sugar bowl and creamer per every 7 guests.   

Pricing: $7 per person.   


Backdrop Stand

One and Two Panel backdrops (6ft- 20ft)

Photo Booth Stand (10ft)

Backdrop Drapes

Different  colors and sizes  available. Blush Pink, Ivory, White, Gold, Silver, Blue, Green. Contact us for details

Crystal Curtains

6ft Crystal curtains 

String Lights

Different styles available. Contact us for details

Chandeliers, Mirror & Frames

Chandelier: Glass, Red  Frame or Mirror: Available in Black, White & Gold. 

Misc: Banners, Paper fans, Tassle, etc

Different colors available. Contact us for details.

Themed Decor

Beauty and the Beast

Clock, Books, Mirror, Candlesticks, Domed Vase with rose, feather duster: $10 Each 



Owl, Squirrel, Bird Candle holders, Foxes & many more: $5 Each 


Camel, Lamps, Small Lamps: $10 Each 

Garden Party

 Mannequin Floral Arrangement: $10 Each 

Tea set & lots of items: contact us for details.


Precious Moment Figurine couple: $10 Each 


Lots of items; Contact for details.


Bridal shower

Lots of items available

Baby shower

Lots of items available.

Sweet Sixteen & Quinceanera

Lots of items available

Graduation Party

Lots of items available


Donut walls

Different sizes available. Contact us for details.

Candy Jars

Different sizes available.