Tea Cups Rentals in Calgary


Planning a Bridal Shower Tea Party in Calgary, we offer different selections of Vintage Silver and China Tea cups rentals in Calgary.

Our collection is available to rent for private and corporate events, as well as film and photography shoots. We can supply vintage china for up to 100+ guests.


Tea party rentals includes a tea cup, saucer, dessert plate, water goblet/crystal, lunch or dinner plate per guest. Pricing: $10 per person.

Teapot, tiered platter or cake plate, sugar bowl, creamer and Tray per every 8 guests. Pricing: $20 per set.

Tea party rentals in Calgary

A La Carte Pricing

Vintage Tea Cup & Saucer- $3.5

Vintage Desert Plate-$1.5

Vintage Lunch Plate-2

Vintage bread & butter-$1.5

Vintage Soup bowl-$2

Vintage Dinner Plate-$2.5

Vintage Trays-$3

Charger Plates (Multiple colors)-$1

Clear Dinner Plate-$1

Cake Server-$10

Vintage Tea Pot-$10

Silver Tea Pot-$10

Vintage Milk & Sugar Set-$5

Silver Milk & Sugar Set-$8


Silver Egg Tray-$2 

Vintage Crystal Vase - $10

Vintage Crystal Goblet/Wine Glass - $2